Auxiliary History

On March 10, 1970 a meeting was held at the Vigilant Fire Hall between officers of the Erie County Volunteer Fireman’s Auxiliary and the Vigilant truckroom officer’s wives:  Harriet Wonderly, Cynthia O’Hare, Elizabeth Nash, Alane Hoy, Lorraine Falkner and Ruth Mann.  On March 17, 1970, another meeting was held to go over by-laws.  A letter was sent to the fireman to see if they would like to have an auxiliary.

On April 14, 1970, the first official meeting of the Vigilant Ladies Auxiliary was held.  The following women were elected:

President Cynthia O’Hare

Vice President Gladys Gick

Secretary Carole Donahue

Treasurer Marcella Herkey

Sergeant-at-Arms Billie Jane Walkden

The following is a list of charter members who brought the current Auxiliary into existence:

Jean Butcher

Carole Donahue

Jane Falkner

Carole Gick

Gladys Gick

Noreen Harkelroad

Eileen Hahn

Marcella Herkey

Alane Hoy

Shirley Jones

Judy Kazmierczak

Margaret Kelly

Eleanor Krempholtz

Jacqueline Lefever

Elaine Lockwood

Joyce Mann

Ruth Mann

Deanna Mund

Elizabeth Nash

Cynthia O’Hara

Mary Ellen O’Hara

Ruth Sainsbury

Alice Shine

Edith Stearns

Billie Jane Walkden

Harriet Wonderly

Jean Wroblewski