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Capital Project 2021-2022 Complete

This past year we completed a capital project that has been in the works for the past 6 years.  Not only did the committee repair the weathered facad of our building that was starting to create issues inside the buildng, but they decide to  bring back part of our historical turrets that were part of …

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Scholarship Award Recipients

This year the committee issue 4 (four) out of 8 scholarship winners.  From West Seneca WEST High School – Contratulations to:     Maya Tuberdyke    Jordan Evans From West Seneca EAST High School – Contratulations to:     Olivia LaFalce     Rachel LaRussa THANK YOU to all who sent in their scholarship applications!

Vigilant Memorial Garden

Vigilant is in the process of making a beautiful memorial garden in the area between the banquet hall ramp and the Diamond T garage.  If you are interested in purchasing a brick, below are the details and order form.   DOC030422-03042022143835